Grass-Fed Beef

Our Cows

Our cows are primarily Angus-Hereford Crosses. Our cows are 100% grass fed. They are raised and finished on an all natural grass diet. They receive no antibiotics, no hormones, nor any steroids, and are never grain-finished. 

the beef

We use the old fashioned, natural process of dry-aging both to tenderize the meat and to concentrate its authentic beef flavor. We offer all cuts of beef from steaks to sausages. You may purchase any amount from one to one hundred plus pounds. You can order by phone and schedule an appointment to pick up at the farm or find us at one of the farmers' market. 

Schedule an appointment at the farm to pick your beef for your favorite autumn recipes.
Call (845) 255-5995 or visit us at a local Farmers' Market. 

Current Market

Farmers Market .jpg

Warwick Valley Farmers' Market
South Steet Parking Lot
Sundays  9 am - 2 pm   

Muscoot Farmers' Market
51 Route 100, Katonah, NY
Sundays 9:30 am - 2:30 pm  

Nyack Farmers' Market
Main Street Parking Lot
Thursdays  8 am - 2 pm      

Larchmont Farmers' Market
Metro North Upper Lot
Chatsworth Ave/Myrtle Blvd     
Saturdays  8:30 am - 1 pm       

Pleasantville Farmers' Market
Memorial Plaza
Saturdays 8:30 am - 1 pm   


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